Wear wearable devices to a global smart travel
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With the development of smart wearable devices, we have entered an era of smart wearable, travel will become like this: wearable devices will be based on your preferences, tailored personalized travel routes, and the detailed introduction of the characteristics of each route and available experience, and then help you budget for each route. At this time, you have to do only one option: to go or not? In the travel, we may encounter this or that obstacles and troubles, the wearable device is adopted piecemeal.

Identity recognition

Go out in the outside, identity card, bank card is obviously not one down, otherwise you will can't do anything, especially the documents. With the open wearable era prelude, authentication method will become more and more, the security will be at upgrade, and even many wearable devices can be directly used to human biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial features such as heart rate, identity verification, the fast and safe way, will undoubtedly become the most mainstream the authentication mode in future social networking, intelligent equipment, payment.

Wearable devices with its constant improvement in security factor, and will probably become the ultimate choice of payment and authentication. Why do you say that because of wearable devices compared to other smart devices, more understanding of users. Its main function is to collect data on the user's body, through the processing of these data, making it the user's unique high precision identification verification code. The identification code even when you accidentally lost equipment, will not disclose any information about you, because when you leave the equipment body, the application value of related embodiment will lose the basic carrier of existence.

Based on this, a wearable device can be used to replace the passport, boarding pass, ID card and other documents you need to travel. As long as you have the need to produce relevant wearable devices can be smart wristbands, smart jewelry and even smart clothing, you can complete a series of processes. Similarly, when you need to pay, just show a wearable device worn on a part of the body, all ticket payment levels, level will be fix.

Language communication

When you travel abroad, the language barrier is a barrier to overcome. Faced with this problem, some people will choose to travel before taking the time to learn the local language, but it can only solve the point of fur. If you want to carry a "translation" to solve the language problem fundamentally, let freedom walk is handsome and comfortable, there is probably no better than wearable device choice.

Recently, a company called Quest Visual, the company has developed a Word Lens app for Google glasses, can see the translation into the user's native language, and displayed on the screen. For example, when the user sees a warning sign or signs, as long as Google glasses to wear said "OK glasses, the glasses, Google will put signs on the content of translation into the user's native language display.

According to reports, Google glasses version of Word Lens applications can work in real time, but also can access local data at any time. Each language stores about 10 thousand words locally, so that users can still enjoy the translation service provided by the application when they can not use the network data. This is only the first manifestation of wearable devices in the field of translation, the future is also the real potential for simultaneous translation of languages around the world, which will be derived from the development of the language package business opportunities.

Everyone is their own guide

After the hard obstacles to solve, how to improve the fun of travel, we have to further solve the problem. In this regard, wearable device is undoubtedly the best data carrier all smart devices, it is familiar with ancient and modern, informative characteristics can be more powerful than the tour guide. Whenever the experience of a wearable device based on travel users, all with its powerful features. Take Google glasses, it is like an all-around tour guide, it can not only built-in voice navigation, but also in the eyes of the user before the projection of virtual imaging.

When the high-tech products are grafted to the tourism industry, the resulting disruptive changes can be said to be very alarming. It makes everyone more gusto to play all over the world, not lost, not find authentic snacks, do not take the wrong car, will not set the price high hotel, not to the attractions but do not know the sequence of events...... In a word, no matter where you travel, can be all "panoramic view".