Several criteria for selecting vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder
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Anti vibration: Although the same as ordinary DVR embedded system, but the DVR technology is more complex than the ordinary DVR, the key to solve the problem is also different. Therefore, the two are two completely different concepts. The application of DVR vehicle on a moving vehicle, due to the different traffic condition, and shock is relatively large, the hard disk read and write data has great influence, damage to the equipment is very large. Therefore, the seismic technology has become the most basic requirements of DVR. At present, the main shock absorber, hard disk shock absorber, hard disk shock absorber and other measures. In the security industry in the current car DVR market is still relatively chaotic, the user's understanding of the degree is not deep, therefore, often found in the ordinary DVR posing as the phenomenon of car DVR. Therefore, the actual effect of the need for their own to go to know.

Voltage stabilized power supply: voltage stability is another important technology of vehicle DVR. Because in the process of running, the vehicle will have the ignition, brakes, throttle and other actions, these actions will make the output voltage of the vehicle have different fluctuations, it is easy to cause the vehicle DVR burn. Therefore, the on-board DVR must have a wide voltage input capability to accommodate this voltage variation. At present, usually 6 ~ 36V wide voltage to meet the needs of mobile vehicles. At the same time also note that, if the vehicle collision occurs suddenly stalled, car power broken, this time to achieve the DVR vehicle power automatic protection function, ensure the data will not be lost in the hard disk.

Heat dissipation: due to the vehicle in the running process, by the environment, weather, the temperature difference is relatively large. This puts forward high requirements for the vehicle DVR performance. Therefore, the poor performance of heat dissipation, the life of the product will be reduced, but also affect the monitoring results. At present, some products are cooled by fan, and some through the body heat. Therefore, in the time of purchase, it is best to run for some time, and then measure the body temperature, and watch the actual effect of the image.

Image clarity: the clarity of the image directly affects the monitoring effect, so in the purchase of the product, depending on what kind of processing chip is used, which compression format, support the resolution of what? At present, the product support is generally CIF to D1, using D1 video, CIF transmission. To observe the actual effect, it is necessary to record a video at different resolutions, to observe the effect of video playback, the screen is clear, whether there is delay.

Interface firmness: in the car, due to braking, acceleration, bumpy road, vibration is relatively large. If the interface is not strong, the wiring may fall off at any time, resulting in image jitter, video loss, power loss. Therefore, in the purchase of products, to carefully observe whether the interface is firm. I have seen the most during the test, some manufacturers will interface on the rear panel together with a multi pin interface instead of, all the data line into bundles, a good effect on the firm from the interface.

Wireless transmission: vehicle DVR in addition to providing local video and forensic information, but also need to get the video information back to the control center in a timely manner to facilitate the control center to understand the situation and centralized management of the car. Therefore, wireless transmission is particularly important. At present, the main use of mobile GPRS and China Unicom's CDMA network, but because of the bandwidth and cost issues, but also can not be real-time transmission, can only be transferred in one second CIF format 5~7 frame. Therefore, the user can view the transfer of the image back to the control center is clear and smooth.

Waterproof: vehicles are generally cleaned every day, especially on the bus. After the bus stop, the staff will use to wash the car, a little attention will sprinkle water to the device, if the waterproof performance is good, water droplets may enter into the inside of the case, when the vehicle ignition, may burn out equipment, therefore, the waterproof DVR vehicle can also cannot be ignored.

Black box: black box also known as motor vehicle recorder, which is one of the important functions of the vehicle DVR. It can record all the data of the whole process of the motor vehicle running, and can realize the management and supervision of the driver through the computer software. When the vehicle speeding or other violations occur, the black box will be sent to the control center information, play an early warning role.

GPS positioning system: GPS positioning system, for buses, police cars and car is very important, it can be implemented in a unified deployment, timely grasp the specific location of the vehicle. At present, most of the vehicle DVR is only used as a single machine, but the product has reserved the interface of GPS and other functional modules. Through the interface can be installed GPS positioning module to achieve satellite positioning and remote control.