Enhanced public safety vehicle security video surveillance
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1 the characteristics of public transport industry and monitoring needs

In the early days of the founding of the PRC, China's auto industry began to start, after 30 years of development in twenty-first Century entered a period of rapid development. At present, there are 240 million vehicle ownership scale, of which highway operating vehicles have reached 13 million 398 thousand and 900. Passenger transport market with the development of high-speed rail, urban rail, a slight decline in recent years, but in the case of freight vehicles to maintain growth.

From the current vehicle security applications, mainly in road vehicles (such as buses, taxis, buses, bus, etc.), government departments and law enforcement vehicles (such as law enforcement, police patrol car etc.), dangerous goods vehicles (such as petroleum chemical tanker, dangerous goods vehicles). The current vehicle monitoring in the bus, bus and bus applications has increased significantly, especially in the bus, the bus, the large-scale implementation of the "bus priority" policy for the public transportation vehicle monitoring implementation opportunities. At the same time, the Ministry of transport since August 1, 2011, the new factory two off a dangerous vehicle in the vehicle before the factory installed in accordance with the requirements of "road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technology" (JT/T794-2011) of the satellite positioning device, but also to promote security for vehicle applications.

Enhanced public safety vehicle security video surveillance

With the on-board security equipment installation in the number of vehicles is increasing, the demand for vehicle management and enterprise operation management demand is increasing, which requires more and more on the function of vehicle management platform.

First, the characteristics of the bus industry and monitoring needs

From the current development situation, the bus industry system has some characteristics such as dispatching management center is relatively concentrated, but the bus distribution in every corner of the city public transportation system; personnel mobility, traffic information; data acquisition types: not only to monitor the passengers, but also the collection of vehicle running state. The real-time acquisition of various alarm signals; real-time scheduling requires high real-time dispatch instructions issued. According to the characteristics of the above bus system, the demand of the public transportation system in the vehicle monitoring system is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1 enhance public safety.

Public transport system has a large number of features and mobility, while the bus robbery, theft, sexual harassment and other incidents frequently, difficult to detect evidence. The application of video surveillance in public transport system provides a powerful means for the preservation of criminal evidence, assistance in case detection and safety management. As one of the most important parts of the city public security surveillance and the complement of the public security system, the public transportation video surveillance plays an important role in improving the city public security environment.

2 to ease the traffic congestion caused by the increasingly busy urban traffic.

With the rapid increase of urban transportation and the increase of urban traffic pressure, the vehicle monitoring system plays an important role in the public transportation system. With the ITS (intelligent traffic system) concept, the monitoring function of vehicle monitoring system can be the transportation of the city is now the information center monitoring and management platform, to keep abreast of road conditions, to facilitate timely scheduling and traffic grooming. The vehicle can be accurately adjusted to improve the efficiency of public transport.

3 bus business management needs.

The supervision and management of the company is also one of the purposes of the application of bus monitoring. In the bus, passengers due to uneven quality of private income, and not to the ticket fare invalid civilization non-standard traffic situation has occurred frequently. The fare was misappropriated and non-standard traffic accidents, causing great losses to the bus company. The application of the vehicle monitoring system in the public transportation system can eliminate the above phenomena, increase the benefit of the enterprise, and achieve the win-win effect of the urban traffic system and the public transportation enterprise.