Output 3 million (2048 x 1536) @25fps, high resolution real-time image output

Support super wide dynamic

Support H.265 encoding, compression ratio, ultra low bit stream

Region of interest (ROI) coding, to ensure the quality of the image, saving storage space

Support scalable video coding (SVC) technology, according to the network environment, adaptive transmission rate

Three stream output at the same time, ACF (frame rate control, support activities) mobile phone monitoring

Support binning mode, can reduce the resolution, improve the image brightness and image sensitivity

Support for corridor mode, electronic anti shake, fog, face detection, application more flexible

Support for wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, suitable for different monitoring environment

1 local composite video output, easy installation and debugging

Support the largest 128G micro SD card storage, built-in MIC, alarm interface

ICR filter switching function to achieve 24 hours monitoring

Support AC24V/DC12V/POE power supply mode, convenient installation

Support rich network protocol, suitable for different applications

Support for SD card, SD card space, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, mobile detection, video blocking intelligent alarm

Other special features

Application scenarios

Applicable to finance, telecommunications, supermarkets, hotels, government, schools, airports, factories, public security, justice, safe city and other requirements of ultra high definition quality and light